ReMix Waffles: Vegan Style!

While there aren't too many ingredients in a waffle, and most are Vegan-friendly, there are three in particular that might prevent you from trying ReMix waffles: milk, butter, and eggs.

Fortunately it doesn't take much to find substitutes for these ingredients and the resulting waffles are still great.

Bonus: if you don't like or are allergic to dairy or eggs, these modifications will work for you too.


It's pretty easy to find substitutes for buttermilk or milk if you've spent any time avoiding dairy. From nut milks like almond milk and cashew milk, to nut-free substitutes like rice milk, there are quite a few that work with ReMix. During the testing phase of my original recipe, many of my testers used these substitutes and had great results. These 'milks' tend to be a little thinner than cow's milk, especially buttermilk, so reducing what the recipe calls for by 10-20% should be good.


Butter is even easier to find a substitute, since you can use the same amount of oil instead. I usually use canola or vegetable oil, but I'm sure others will work as well. Just keep in mind that ReMix waffles have a mildly sweet taste, so it's probably best to avoid oils with strong flavors unless you don't mind tasting olives or other vegetables in your waffles.


For eggs, my substitute of choice is aquafaba. Aquafaba is a fancy word for the liquid found either in canned legumes, like chickpeas, or the water remaining after you boil dry ones. A quick google search turns up tons of recipes to make your own or suggestions for canned varieties. In my testing, I used the canned Goya chickpeas and found that 4-5 tablespoons was a pretty good substitute for one egg, and the overall taste didn't change too much.

Have any suggestions? Comment below or send me a note and along with pictures of your vegan creations/substitutes!

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  • Hi, I am reading your article about making the waffle vegan. Can you confirm if the mix itself is vegan?



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